• SportTracks

SportTracks is a company at the American Underground @Main.  Founders Todd Mosier and Aaron Averill have developed a software that analyzes the physical performance of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

Their product evolved organically and was first used by Aaron for tracking his personal running performance.  At the behest of friends and acquaintances, Aaron turned the software into a marketable product, and in 2006 SportTracks was born.  He and Todd met at Triangle Start-up Weekend in 2011 where sparks flew immediately.  When asked about the moment they met, Aaron commented, “I knew he was intelligent the moment I met him.”  Todd (CTO) and Aaron (CEO) work very well together, infusing a spirit of creativity and entrepreneurship into everything they do.

In lieu of traditional company meetings,  Aaron and Todd often discuss matters of business over “company runs.” When they aren’t on a run, you can find them in their office upstairs, jamming on the ukulele or guitar . They’ve been at the American Underground since July.

Check them out here.