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Photofy is a new app that empowers users with the art of self-expression.  The app allows users to easily enhance their photos with thousands of professionally designed graphics, stickers, typography and frames and easily share them with the world.  The Photofy team is located in the American Underground @Raleigh.

Co-founders Jesse Flores and Jon Lanasa came up with the idea for the app after Jesse had been working on a project similar to Photofy called Passagram.  Passagram is an e-card system that allows users to personalize photos by adding graphics then sharing though e-mail.  After much brainstorming and evaluation, Jon and Jesse agreed that their app needed to be more shareable. They built a prototype for Photofy and completed the design. They launched Photofy 1.0 in September of 2013.

The app is very user-friendly and is unique in the amount of content available to users. There are currently over 17,000 graphics in the Photofy catalog, and thanks to the hard work of the team, this number is continually growing. Graphic categories range from family to sports, birthday, holiday, fashion, friends, kids and love. Photofy 2.0 launched a few weeks ago and will contain even more graphic content for users to play with, including free-form text to further personalize their photos.

The team consists of co-founders Jon Lanasa and Jesse Flores; Graphic Designers Liz Wetzel, Ashley Knappenberger, and Mel Bourgeois; Tech Lead Chris Keenan; and Director of Licensing, Denise Albright.  They’ve enjoyed being a part of AU @Raleigh and of the broader startup community for the sake of collaborating with like-minded creatives.  They are a very photogenic bunch and a great addition to the Underground.  Check them out here.