The Startup Factory
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The Startup Factory, the most highly capitalized technology accelerator in the southeast, runs an intensive, three month program customized for early stage startup companies. In exchange for 7.5% equity, startups receive $50,000 in seed capital, hands-on mentorship, and access to our ever-widening network of active angels, veteran startup founders, and experienced technology experts. In addition, they provide startups with three months of beautiful glass office space, high speed Internet, and everything startups need to get off the ground. They get their hands dirty. Throughout the program, Their hands-on mentors help startups develop and refine their product, launch it to target customer segments, and test delivery and business models. All companies that successfully complete the accelerator will receive a convertible note of $20,000 to $150,000.

They are located in the American Underground @ATC. For inquiries, email joseph@thestartupfactory.coor visit their website.