Four Big Exits, Two Google Demo Day Winner in 24 Months

Four Big Exits, Two Google Demo Day Winner in 24 Months

At one Durham hot spot, FOUR tech companies, just a hundred yards of each other, have made MULTI-MILLION dollar exits within the last 24 months.

From this same spot, Google has picked and funded BACK-TO-BACK Demo Day champs (2014 – Windsor Circle and 2015 – Mati Energy).

Clearly, something remarkable is happening in the Bull City and specifically at the transformed American Tobacco Campus and its American Underground tech hub.

The four recently acquired companies are Appia (acquired by Mandalay Digital for $100 million), Automated Insights (acquired by Vista Equity Partners-owned STATS for an undisclosed amount), Two Toasters (this week acquired by Ticketmaster for an undisclosed sum) and DigitalSmiths (acquired by TiVo for $135 million).

More About Durham’s ‘Fantastic Four’:

  • Appia is a mobile user acquisition network. It provides mobile performance information for developers, publishers, and advertisers in the United States and internationally.
  • DigitalSmiths provides a video discovery platform that offers personalized recommendations for all connected devices.
  • Automated Insights is an an artificial intelligence company based in Durham, N.C. The company’s patented Wordsmith technology transforms data into written reports with the style and variability of a human writer.
  • Two Toasters is a mobile app development firm. The company specializes in design, strategy, and development of iOS and Android applications.


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