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You’ve Done Your Kickstarter Campaign, Now What?

You’ve Done Your Kickstarter Campaign, Now What?

With the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms, it is now easier to get eyeballs on your crazy product idea than ever. But the question still remains, once you’ve nabbed some early customers, what do you do next? How do you scale an initial idea and make it the next Mati success story?

Here at the American Underground, we’ve received national attention for our support of the tech community, and want to use our unique approach to help scale consumer product companies with the same kind of eye-catching results. We’re confident that if brilliant creators had access to the best technologists and digital strategists in our community, they could create a more successful scaling strategy with a better shot at longevity and sustainability.

This is what led us to re-create the Startup Stampede–a FREE, custom-made program for consumer product (CPG) companies eager to scale. The program has a long history in Durham though this iteration, the program’s fourth, is focused exclusively on CPG companies from across the nation who recognize that their largest customer base is likely online, and want to reach them with the right message and site. Here’s what the Stampede offers:

  • Tailored Shopify e-commerce site
  • Expert guidance and market testing with product messaging and branding
  • Next level coaching and mentoring focusing on scaling your business
  • Digital marketing guidance and mentoring in message testing, scaling and digital marketing
  • ‘Pop Up’ shop opportunities in Durham to showcase your product directly to consumers for feedback

If you have done a successful crowdfunding campaign (GoFundMe, Kickstarter, IndieGogo and CircleUp all qualify), you could be a great fit for the Stampede. I encourage you to check out the Startup Stampede site and simple application form to be considered. Applications are due by January 31, 2017 and the program runs March 1-April 30. There is no cost to participate and no equity taken in this program, thanks to a generous grant from NC IDEA.

Help us spread the word, and take great product ideas to the masses!

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Adam Klein

Adam is the Chief Strategist at the AU. He aspires to one day open a pizza shop, and is an avid Cleveland sports fan.
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