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Our Story

The American Underground launched in 2010 in the basement of the Strickland Building on the American Tobacco Campus, North Carolina’s largest historic renovation project. This project totaled over one million square feet of space and transformed what was once an eyesore of abandoned tobacco warehouses into a bustling hub for entrepreneurs. The American Underground has one location in Raleigh and three locations in downtown Durham, N.C. – a city that is capturing the national imagination with its Silicon Valley vibe and location just minutes from the world-famous Research Triangle Park.

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Meet the Team

  • Jesica Averhart

    Jesica Averhart

    Director of Corporate and Community Partnerships

  • Sarah Beck

    Sarah Beck

    Director of Property Management and Events

  • Steve Bullock

    Steve Bullock

    Security and Operations Coordinator

  • Meredith Burgess

    Meredith Burgess

    Director of Design

  • Molly Demarest

    Molly Demarest

    Senior Director of Operations and Finance

  • Phillipe Charles

    Phillipe Charles

    Director of Communications and Member Experience

  • Talib Graves-Manns

    Talib Graves-Manns

    Entrepreneur in Residence

  • Adam Klein

    Adam Klein

    Chief Strategist

  • Garrett Wood

    Garrett Wood

    Director of Strategic Initiatives