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Black founders exchange

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Artifact AI

Artifact AI delivers proactive defense against AI misuse.

Cadence Cash

Cadence is a financing alternative that unlocks working capital and provides access to cash quickly.


Elroi enables secure and transparent exchange of personal information between individuals and companies.


Layman reduces the friction of filing a civil claim in America to reduce the Access to Justice Gap.


ReferAll was created on the premise that the best way to obtain a job is through “Who YOU know” in a company and also through “Who knows YOU and YOUR skill sets”.


Resilient Software Security

Resilient Software Security is the AI Doctor (or the AI Assistant) for Software SMB security health.

Shades of Color

Shades of Color is enhancing the shopping experience for all shades of color with a personalized beauty marketplace.


Tribaja is an AI-powered career coach for mid-career professionals interested in high demand careers.


Voiceblocks is an AI software-as-a-service helping parents and caregivers of K-12 special needs students navigate the IEP process.

Words Liive

Words Liive turns song lyrics into literacy tools for K-12 students via the Opus App.

About Google for Startups

Google for Startups works to level the playing field for startup founders and communities to succeed. We do this by bringing the best of Google’s products, connections, and best practices to startups at our global network of partners, at our seven Google for Startups Campus spaces, and online at Paired with a deep commitment to create diverse startup communities, many of our offerings are designed specifically to provide underrepresented founders with access to resources and opportunities. We support startups everywhere to build something better. Because when startups succeed, we all succeed.